Step by step – Cranefly

Tying pattern cranefly

To make the body of the crane fly I use the drill. Watch the video on youtube made by Roger Duckworth.

Place the printed film in the wingburner and trim most of the material around the tool. Burn the edges and remove the wing.

Place the wing in the extra wingburner (to finish the wings) and let the small piece of film left in the middle of the wing stick outside of the rounding. Trim the waste and burn the film. The wing should now look like this one on the photo.

Wind the thread till halfway the hookshank. Split the thread and twist some cdc fibers in the thread to tie in the body. Tie in the body using the cdc. I make the body using an accu drill and I include a moose mane inside the body, this makes tying in the body easier to me.

Tie in a small piece of foam. Split the thread and twist in some pheasant tail fibers to form the legs.

Hackle the fibers till the hook eye. Stroke the fibers back and pull the foam over the fibers and secure it with some windings. Use superglue or uv glue to glue the wing on top of the foam.

Pull back the strip of foam and secure it with some wraps. Wind the thread underneath the body to the hookeye and tie off.